USL Sport Premium Rigid Bulk


  • 12mm x 13.7m Flesh 24Drum
  • 25mm x 13.7m Flesh 12Drum
  • 38mm x 13.7m Black 8Drum
  • 38mm x 13.7m White 8Drum
  • 38mm x 13.7m Flesh 8Drum
  • 38mm x 13.7m Flesh 30Box
  • 50mm x 13.7m Flesh 6Drum






USL Sport Premium Rigid is the best quality rigid tape on the New Zealand market. Rigid tape is designed to limit movement and provide maximum support to stabilise joints during activity. USL Sport Premium Rigid is used by a large number of professional sporting organisations.


  • Designed for the taping of knees, ankles, hands, wrists, and fingers to protect the joints from injury
  • High tensile strength with strong adhesive qualities for firm application
  • Pinked edges provide quicker tape application whilst eliminating threading
  • Air permeability allows for evaporation of sweat, maintaining strength and stability

Directions and Precautions

USL Sport Premium Rigid contains zinc oxide, which may cause a reaction in some users.

Always consult with a healthcare professional for the correct application of this product.

Tapes are to be kept in a cool, dry area below 25ºC to minimise any possible adverse reaction.