Neurotrac Sport ECS401






NeuroTrac® Sports

  • Digital Dual Channel Stimulator (NMES) suitable for sports, muscle toning, muscle rehabilitation and cellulite reduction
  • 15 Built in Sports programmes for: Warm up, capillary, toning, endurance—calming the muscle. Resistance force output treatment for activities which require prolonged and high activity muscle force: Cycling, rowing, middle distance running etc. Maximum force output treatment to produce maximum muscle force output and muscle bulk: weight lifting, judo, ball games, sprint running etc
  • 3 Customisable constant mode programmes
  • Lock mode function to measure and record the home compliance (mA and total time used).
  • Clear bright backlight LCD allows the display to be read more easily in low light or dark conditions.
  • Keypad with bigger buttons for ease of use.
  • Compact, light, and reliable.