Neurotrac Pelvitone Machine






NeuroTrac® PelviTone

·         Digital Dual Channel Stimulator (NMES)used to treat urinary incontinence by sending a mild electric current to the pelvic floor muscles using a probe.

·         Suitable for urinary or rectal incontinence.

·         9 Built in programmes for ease of use.

·         3 Customisable constant mode programmes.

·         Ability to lock the unit and records total time in use and average current.

·         Clear bright backlight LCD allows the display to be read more easily in low light or dark conditions.

·         Keypad with bigger buttons for ease of use.

·         Compact, light, and reliable.

·         Advanced multi-phase programmes where treatment is split into time phases with different stimulation parameters;

·         Stronger symmetrical stimulation with the reduced pulse width: 50 – 330 μS.

·         Three custom programmes plus 11 preset continence programmes.

·         Lock mode function to measure the home compliance (mA and time used)

·         NeuroTrac™ VeriProbe – The vaginal probe for EMG and electrostimulation.